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Aluminum Core & Half Round®

Aluminum Core wheels allow us to offer numerous tread compounds from soft to hard. Our Half Round® wheel is a prime example of the benefit of varied tread compounds. Developed in 1995, these wheels have become the cornerstone of the Automotive Industry, although the Half Round® has been copied by almost every wheel and caster company in the industry it has never been duplicated.


Custom Application

Aubin Industries specializes in design, prototype and engineering services so that all the needs of our customers are satisfied. With over 600 different wheel configurations currently manufactured we may already have your solution in house.


Dual Durometer

Dual Durometer wheels are produced for applications requiring non-metallic compounds with soft treads, while maintaining a firm core to maintain the support required for precision bearings.


Full Crown

These products were designed to reduce contact surface, eliminate the picking up of debris on the tread surface, and also the reduction of rolling resistance on softer flooring surfaces, such as carpet. Full crowns are offered in numerous harness levels, from very soft to extremely hard tread compounds.


Straight Sided

Our straight sided wheels were designed to handle heavy loads in solid urethane wheel applications utilizing precision sealed ball bearings. Unlike our competitors who rely on the elasticity of urethane to carry a load on the
hub diameter, our product relies on the compression of the material, which has a far greater capacity to carry heavier loads.



Like most manufacturers, we build a full line of standard wheels from 4” to 12” with “I” Beam Construction (Tread, Web, and Hub). These wheels are conventionally used with roller bearings, and are normally of a 2” width.



Swivel-EAZ® wheels are designed to reduce turning and rolling resistance on swivel, rigid, and fixed axle systems. The Swivel-EAZ® wheels also carry twice the load of Standard size wheels with similar tread hardness.


V & U Groove

Guide & Tracking wheels for any size application. Industries include but are not limited to: Food Processing, Camera Dollies, Automatic Gate Systems, etc.