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wheels_specialAubin Industries specializes in design, prototype and engineering services. Our in house design team works so that all the needs of our customers are satisfied.  With over 6,000 different wheel configurations currently manufactured we may already have your solution in house.

ag注册游戏Some of the Special products we currently offer, but are not limited to:

  • Anti-Static
  • Drive Wheels
    • Keyways
    • Taper Lock Bushings
    • B-Loc Bushings
    • Spline Shafts
    • Set Screws
  • Stainless Steel
    • Bearings
    • Top Hats
    • Wheel Cores
  • Encapsulated Wheels
  • Special Bore Sizes
    • Solid poly
    • Aluminum Cores
    • Stainless Steel Cores
  • Flanged Wheels
  • Special Traction Treads
  • Custom Groove and Track Wheels
  • Custom Colors
  • Pallet Rollers
  • Special Bearings
  • Custom Designed Wheels & Casters Service


You can request a recommendation for your needs by submitting the form on our Design Specialist page.


For unlisted items, unit weights, sizes or materials please visit our Design Specialist or call us at 1-800-324-0051